What to Know When Planting in Late Fall

Just because the temperatures are falling doesn’t mean you can’t continue to maintain your garden! Leck’s Greenhouses encourages planting and gardening all year long, even in the latter days of fall, when the temperatures dip. While summer is a more popular – and albeit easier – time for growing, there are plenty of ways to make a garden work during the winter, as long as a few key points are kept in mind throughout the process.

Make sure the weather cooperates.

While some plants are able to survive in colder climates, they still need natural sunlight in order to grow. There is less sunlight available in late fall, with the combination of shortening days and winter weather, so make sure to pick a day with plenty of sunlight to plant any crops or flowers you might want to grow.

Seek out long-lasting crops.

Since you will be dealing with colder weather when you are planting, you should be aware of how long certain crops will last so you can get the most out of them. Cabbage, kale, and lettuce are many varieties of veggies that can withstand the fall temperatures, and can even last through the winter and be ready to harvest in the springtime.

Plant flowers that will flourish in spring.

Some herbs will thrive during the winter season, and be ready just in time for spring. Bulbs, in particular, are flowers that are best planted late in the fall, giving your garden a beautiful appearance once spring arrives. Having crops that will last in the winter is important, but making sure that your spring garden will have a majestic presence as well is just as essential, and the time to start planting for that is now.

If you are looking for flowers or crops to plant as the fall season winds down, then Bucks County residents should buy garden plants at Leck’s Greenhouses. We have a collection of annuals and perennials all available to plant at any time of the year – even as the weather gets more frigid. For more information on our products and fall gardening tips, contact us today!