Ways to Care For Your Garden This Winter

Spring and summer are the seasons when gardens are meant to flourish, but maintaining the health of your garden is a year-round job. Though you probably aren’t trying to grow anything outside right now, there are still plenty of things you can be doing to ensure the success of your garden when the weather warms up. 

Here at Leck’s Greenhouses, we do more than merely sell plant supplies to Bucks County residents. We love plants just as much as you do, so we’re always happy to give some expert advice to those who are curious about what they can do to make their plants happy and healthy.  Exactly what you should be doing will depend on the climate where you live. If you’ve ever bought plants at wholesale from our location in Bucks County, you probably know that on the coldest winter days, Pennsylvania temperatures can dip well below the freezing point, but that doesn’t mean you have to freeze your gardening activities! 

For areas with this type of climate, we recommend the following:

Winter Sowing

If done correctly, sowing seeds in the winter can help plants flourish in the spring. This only works for certain plants. For example, when you buy parsley seeds, the directions on the package will tell you that you can speed up the germination process by storing the seeds in your freezer for a few weeks. Winter sowing uses the great outdoors as a natural freezer to achieve the same effect. 

Prune Your Trees and Shrubs

Pruning involves the removal of diseased, dead, or dying branches, so that these areas do not rob nutrients from the areas that need these nutrients. During a harsh winter, trees and shrubs may experience the death of multiple branches and areas. Pruning can help protect healthy areas from experiencing the same fate.   

Spring into Action and Start Planning Your Garden Now!

From sharpening your tools to taking gardening classes, there are plenty of ways to help make your garden better than ever this spring.  By preparing your catalog orders and starting to plan what you’ll be planting and where the best spot for your various plants will be, you can put your garden on a path to success. For more information, contact Leck’s Greenhouses today!