Gardening Activities for the Entire Family

Now that the gardening season is well underway, it’s likely that there’s plenty to do to keep you busy. From watering to feeding, weeding, and everything in between, gardening includes a variety of activities, many of which you can share with your family and get them in on the fun. In fact, whether you have an acre, a small plot of land, or just a few plants on your balcony, gardening creates the perfect opportunity for your children to learn about nature and stay engaged over the summer. 

At Leck’s Greenhouses, we’re not just the top-rated garden center serving Bucks County. We also know the benefits that gardening can provide. From a form of physical activity to a way to appreciate the outdoors, promote healthy eating, and even stress relief, tending to a garden can be very satisfying. Let’s take a look at some easy tips for getting the family involved in this season. 

Easy Garden Tasks for Kids

While you don’t want to burn out your children with tedious or physically-demanding jobs, there’s actually a wide range of jobs that they can handle, both independently or along with an adult. It’s typically a good idea to start small and change tasks every 15 minutes or so to keep them engaged. For instance, kids can:

  • Dig holes for crops and plants
  • Spread mulch
  • Rake leaves and other forms of debris
  • Water plants from a gardening hose or a watering can
  • Disperse plant food and other fertilizers
  • Collect sticks and twigs from a designated area
  • Harvest vegetables and fruits

Instilling Good Habits

Tending to a garden isn’t just ideal for teaching them responsibility and patience, but it’s also an ideal opportunity to instill good habits in them. For instance, kids who grow their own vegetables are much more likely to eat them, which is an easy first step to get them to incorporate them into their diet permanently. 

Additionally, through activities like gardening and composting, children learn respect for their environmental and start to become more conscious of their effect on the planet. This can also be the perfect time to introduce them to the importance of local farmers and growers and where the food on their table comes from. 

Benefits for Children

  • Encourages bonding with family
  • Teaches responsibility
  • Helps them learn to organize and plan
  • Introduces them to biology, nature, and scientific concepts
  • Improves fine motor development
  • Helps develop math skills

This gardening season, if you get the whole family in on the action, it won’t just be the crops that grow — their brains will, too!

For more information on family gardening or our vast selection of plants, herbs, and more, contact us today!