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How Does Winter Affect Our Soil?

If you’ve noticed that it’s a little harder for you to get moving in the morning as the temperature continues to fall, you’re not alone. It’s generally accepted that once the air temperature hits freezing, activity seems to slow to a crawl. The same thing is true within the soil.

Once freezing temperatures roll around, the life within the soil that helps to aerate it and keep it fresh turns to hibernation. You may even notice a layer of frost form over the soil, making the ground tough and hard. This can leave you with soil that’s dry, worn-out, and difficult to plant once the warmer temperatures and sunny skies arrive again.

While leaves work fine as a nearly universal fertilizer for fall, you’ll want to visit your local garden center in Bucks County to learn which fertilizers will be most beneficial to the specific type of soil you’ll be working with. Fertilizer does more than enrich the soil; it also provides a protective barricade that can help mitigate the ravages of snow and frost.

Another thing that you can do to protect soil this winter is to go against the grain and allow winter weeds to flourish. This may sound contrary to logic, after all, you weed property during the rest of the year, why should you take the winter season off?

However, the weeds that grow in winter are not the aggressive resource-hogs that we see during the summer. Slim weeds like dandelions and bittercress drill long, slender roots into the soil, which helps improve drainage. It’s better to let them slide for now and remove them once spring arrives.

Protecting your property or garden this winter will leave you with improved, fresh soil ripe for planting in the spring. By visiting our team at Leck’s Greenhouses, your local plant store in Bucks County, you can learn more about the types of fertilizers that will best help your soil, and subsequently, your business.

You can also take advantage of gift card savings from Nov. 20 through Dec. 15. If you purchase a $50 gift card, it will only cost you $40, while a $100 gift card will only cost $80. For more information, contact our team at Leck’s Greenhouses today!

Fall is the Season to Fertilize

No matter if you’re an avid gardener, a professional landscaper or a novice who’s still learning the ropes of growing plants, you probably already know that one of the best ways to nourish your plants or trees is with fertilizer. But did you know that there are certain times of year in which it’s more important to make sure that you’re using fertilizer as well?


Fall is one of the best times of year to visit  Leck’s Greenhouses, a locally-owned garden center in Bucks County, and pick up a bag of organic fertilizer to help give your garden the boost it needs to stay healthy and strong!


One of the main reasons why it’s particularly important for plants to be fertilized during the fall season is because annual plants and trees are busy using this time to prepare for the upcoming winter season ahead.


During fall, plants focus their energy on growth, particularly in the root areas. The reason why most plants bloom in the spring and summer is because instead of growth, they are focusing their energy on spreading seeds and reproduction.


In order for plants to survive the frost and low temperatures that come along with winter and bloom again in the spring, plants and trees need to solidify their root growth. This can help the plants have more water to survive when frost coats the ground and makes it more difficult for rain to seep through the ground. Fertilizing in fall is doubly important as plants are coming off the hot, dry summer season.


Now is the perfect time to visit your favorite garden store in Bucks County to prepare your plants for winter. If you’d like to learn more about the importance of fertilizing, give our team at Leck’s Greenhouses a call today at 215-664-8648.


3 Fun Fall Products Available at Leck’s Greenhouse

Leaves are beginning to change colors and football season is underway, meaning fall is officially here!  If you’re ready to fill your garden and home with the scents and color of the season, Leck’s Greenhouse is your one-stop shop for everything that autumn has to offer.


Here are a few ideas to get your seasonal gardening started and all are available at Leck’s Greenhouses, your favorite local garden store in Bucks County. Feel free to stop by and learn more about the best plants to grow for fall!


  • Fall plants. Contrary to popular belief, fall isn’t a season of dead gardens! Plants such as ornamental cabbage and kale can fill up your garden thanks to their hearty nature. You can even grow flowers in fall as winter pansies provide a burst of color that looks exceptional against the backdrop of orange and red leaves. You can buy a variety of fall garden plants in Bucks County and start getting to work today!


  • Fall grasses. Flowers aren’t the only types of plants that can add a pop of color to your yard or garden this season! Leck’s Greenhouse has a number of ornamental grasses available for easy planting. Grasses like Red Rooster grass, Purple Fountain grass, and Millet grasses all grow easily in the cooler fall temperatures and will look beautiful against the backdrop of your home.


  • Ornamental fall décor. Are you looking for natural autumn decorations for your home and garden that fit in with the season? Leck’s Greenhouses also has pumpkins and cornstalks available to get your property properly decorated for the fall season.


If you wish to purchase any of these products for your property, contact our friendly team at Leck’s Greenhouses today. You can reach us by calling 215-664-8648 or filling out a contact form on our website.

Fall Flowers that Will Look Great in Your Garden

The temperature is starting to drop, children are back to school and the leaves are beginning to change colors; fall is officially here! At Leck’s Greenhouses, we’re proud to be your number one source for fall gardening this season, and we’ve got a ton of beautiful flowers in stock that will look gorgeous in any homeowner’s yard.

If you’re searching for the perfect home accents this autumn, look no further than Leck’s Greenhouses. Here are just a few of the many fall season plants we have available right now:

  • Mums.  Notoriously hardy and easy to care for, mums are an excellent beginner fall flower. Offering a number of beautiful and vibrant colors, these flowers are the perfect way to embrace the season, even for beginner gardeners. Be sure to plant your mums in well-draining soil, and leave about 6 to 12 inches in between each plant to prevent root overcrowding. If the garden in full and you just want to add a splash of fall color by placing mums on your doorstep or patio is a great way to show your excitement for the all fall season.  Then, just make sure to water regularly, and before you know it, you’ll have gorgeous buds of purple and orange blooming right before your eyes.
  • Winter pansies. When it comes to color variety, it’s hard to beat winter pansies. These buds burst open into blooming shades of blue, yellow, orange and white during a notoriously quiet color season. Winter pansies have been known to flower into winter even with a little snow cover. Fall truly is the best time to plant these beauties because they will live through the worst winter months and give you a great start to early spring as they begin to really flourish and flower.
  • Intenz Celosia. Largely considered to be one of the most beautiful fall flowers, intenz celosia produces a bundle of vibrant purple-pink floral cones when in full bloom, and is a sight to behold when gathered in groups! This is also one flower that’s ideal for hanging planters and containers, as the plants require well-drained soil to flourish, so if you’ve been looking to put an old planter to use, consider these beautiful buds!
  • Ornamental Cabbage and Kale. A sturdy and unique addition to your fall and winter garden, kale and cabbage have been known to look gorgeous going into the months of January and February. They are a cool loving plant and the colder the weather gets the more the brilliant pink, purple and white stand out.  There are several varieties of each kale and cabbage, so you are sure to find one that catches your eye.

Want to learn more about these plants or find out how to keep your property looking great year-round? Contact our experts at Leck’s Greenhouses today!