About Us

From Grandparents to Great Grandchildren…

Leck’s Greenhouses started in 1941 when our great grandparents started playing with seeds as a hobby. In time their fascination with those wonderful, seemingly magical, seeds evolved into a passionate love of plants and flowers.

That in turn led to the meeting of two young adults while working together at a local florist. Sharing their passion for plants and flowers, these two young adults were married, became parents themselves and established several greenhouses and a small business in Feasterville, Pennsylvania.

With lots of hard work and dedication to providing the best quality products and customer service possible, the business blossomed.

Today, our children continue to foster the growth of our business ventures with an expansion in Bloomsburg Pennsylvania as well as another wholesale and growing facility in Chalfont Pennsylvania.

The Leck family is indeed proud to have three generations of proven delivery of top quality products and service to our customers. Our family is very grateful to the large number of loyal customers we see every year. We invite YOU to visit us and discover “One of the best kept secrets in Feasterville.”

We look forward to meeting you soon!

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