6 Easy Tips for Winterizing Your Garden this Cold Season

Each fall, homeowners across the region prepare for the upcoming frigid and harsh climates of winter by winterizing their homes, cars, and even their boats. However, there is one other area of a home that can use a little extra care before the cold season sets in — your garden.

At Leck’s Greenhouses, we’re not just the premier garden store in Bucks County. We also proudly provide our customers with tips and information for keeping their gardens looking amazing all year long. By properly winterizing your garden, you can not only allow your plants to survive the reduced sunlight and bitter cold of winter but also help them to thrive and produce vibrant flowers when spring comes.



Let’s take a look at a few easy winterization tips, and how you can set yourself up for success when the weather breaks:

Keep It Tidy

Keep your garden neat and tidy by removing any dead stalks or other debris that can decay and become a home for winter pests and diseases. By taking away this dead and dying foliage, you can enjoy a good looking garden in the winter, and avoid grooming chores when spring comes.

Remove Unwanted Plants

If your garden has weeds or other invasives, pull them out promptly. Be sure that the seed heads are carefully handled to avoid spreading, and place them in a covered garbage container, not your compost pile.

Protect Your Bulbs

If you have tender bulbs that may not survive freezes, consider digging them up to save them. Lay them out on newspaper for several weeks until they are dried, then cover them with sand, sawdust, vermiculite, or perlite until it’s time to plant them again. For bulbs left in the ground, add a layer of mulch if a hard freeze is predicted in your area.

Spread Some Mulch Around

If you have any newly planted perennials that haven’t had a chance to develop a hardy or extensive root system, add a thick layer of mulch after the ground has started to freeze. This helps keep the ground a consistent temperature, avoiding the freeze/thaw cycles that can be difficult for young plants.

Save Your Shrubs

During prolonged bitter cold freezes, wrap tender shrubs in burlap or agricultural fabric — never plastic — to protect them from the elements. Remember to remove it once the temperature starts heating up to prevent overheating the plant.

Safeguard Bark on Young Trees

Protect the bark on newly planted trees from fluctuating temperatures. By using tree wrap tape and plastic spiral tree protectors, you can help avoid sun scald and cracking.

By following these simple and straightforward guidelines, you’ll not only prepare your plants for the cold winter climate but ensure that they’ll be looking their best when spring arrives.

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