3 Ways to Prepare Your Vegetable Garden for Fall

At this point in the year, you may feel as if the current garden-friendly weather has been around forever. You can’t even remember the last time it was too cold to visit your local garden shop in Bucks County, let alone the last time you had to worry about the night air being too cold for your backyard veggies.

However, the inevitable change of seasons is upon us, and summer is slowly turning into fall. This transition doesn’t mean that your vegetable garden has to start hibernating, though. You can still have a thriving veggie patch well into the autumn months, even here Pennsylvania.

Here are some pointers for keeping your vegetable garden alive and well beyond August, courtesy of our team here at Leck’s Greenhouses, the premier source of garden products for Feasterville and other nearby areas.

1. Clear Out Your Garden Bed

If by chance you’ve gotten a little behind in cleaning out your garden during the summer, right now is a great time to play some catch-up. By clearing out any weeds, old plants, or bad veggies from your garden bed, you can help prepare the soil for one more round of seasonal planting before the winter creeps in. Plus, weeding your garden bed can be tricky if there are a lot of fallen leaves in your way, so you may want to get it done and over-with before autumn comes in earnest.

2. Tend Your Soil

As you’re replanting your garden for a new season, the soil is going to feel worn-out; however, there are plenty of things you can do to give it a boost. Replace your mulch with a new layer to provide the earth with some needed energy, unless your current mulch is still in good condition. If your soil has become compacted over the summer, loosen it up a bit by fluffing the top layer with a garden fork, and maybe even work in some added compost while you’re at it.

3. Pick Your Crops Wisely  

Many vegetables thrive in cooler temperatures, especially green veggies as they usually require little sunlight. The most common autumn-friendly vegetables are broccoli, spinach, lettuce, and cabbage, as well as beans, peas, turnips, and radishes.

Here’s a recap that we’ve come up with to go over all of the information we shared in this blog:


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