3 Tips for Protecting Your Garden While Vacationing This Summer

The summer is peaking, and you’re excited about your upcoming travel plans. Your tickets are booked, you’ve made your plans for where you’re going to be visiting, and your neighbors have assured you that they will keep an eye on your mail.

The one thing you’re still somewhat fretting over, though, is your garden. What will happen to your garden bed when you’re out for the week?

Don’t worry, though. Your garden should be strong enough to survive on its own for a while. You just need to give it some encouragement.

From our garden center nursery in Bucks County to you, Leck’s Greenhouses offers some pointers for how to keep your garden flourishing while you’re away.


1) Feed your garden before you go.

First things first, make sure to give your garden a little extra love before heading off. Nourish your garden with compost to ensure your plants are healthy and vital, as this will help them withstand going untended during your travels.

Though making sure your garden is well cared-for is always important, putting in a little extra before your vacation can go a long way.


2) Add a layer of mulch.

This layer will be essential to protecting your garden’s wellbeing while you’re away. Adding a thick, robust layer of mulch to your garden can do wonders, and will assist in shielding your garden against any extreme fluctuations in temperature, invading pests, and undesirable weeds, while preventing moisture from evaporating.

Also, keep in mind that not all mulches are made equally. Some are better for your garden bed than others; mulches that are organic and untreated will be your best bet.


3) Water it while away.

There is indeed a way to water your plants when you’re out for the week. Try taking an empty, plastic water bottle and puncturing tiny holes into it. Bury the bottle in your garden bed, ideally near your thirstiest plants, with the bottle’s head poking out of the earth. Fill it with water, and screw the cap back on to prevent evaporation. As the soil dries out, it will pull water into itself through the bottle’s holes. Neat, huh?

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