3 Best Perennials to Grow in Pennsylvania

Leck’s Greenhouses in Feasterville, PA wants to see all the flowers in your home and garden flourish for years and years to come. The easiest way to make this happen is to grow perennials in your home. Perennials are simple to plant and grow, thanks to their ability to regrow throughout the year, and last for multiple years before needing to be replanted. Some perennials grow better in Pennsylvania than others, and the following are among some of our favorites that we think would look great in your garden.


These flowers have some of the most unique color combinations of any type of flower, making them one of the most beautiful plants to grow. They require plenty of sunlight, and should not be kept completely shaded in order for them to grow into their vibrant appearance. One of the best attributes of columbines is their ability to adapt to any type of soil you want to grow them in, although more acidic soils will yield the best results.


Daylilies can last up to four or five years without having to be replanted, making them a marvelous mainstay within your home or in your garden. Another plant that thrives in the sun, they are a fitting orange-yellow color that will almost always brighten up your day. With their vibrant appearance and tall stature, many consider this to be among the best perennials to invest in.


Also known as coral bells, heucheras are thin, colorful flowers that almost look like brightly-colored leaves. These are best planted after a period of low temperature, as frozen mulch can cause damage to the flower itself. Similarly, too much exposure to the sun can cause some of the color to be lost, so while sunlight is recommended, shade is also important for these plants. While these don’t last as long as some others, you can still get at least three years out of them, and they give off some of the most extravagant appearances.

If you are looking to buy perennials in Bucks County and its surrounding areas, Leck’s Greenhouses should be your prime destination. Our collection features the most vibrant and long-lasting plants that will add the perfect amount of charm to your home. Contact us today to find out more about our types of perennials and garden products in Feasterville!