Home Garden Center

Leck’s Greenhouses has been family owned and operated since 1941, and since inception has been affectionately referred to as “one of the best kept secrets in Feasterville, Pennsylvania.”

Today, our home garden center remains family-run with retail locations in Feasterville, PA and Bloomsburg, PA, with additional growing and wholesale plant facilities in Chalfont, PA.

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  • High Quality Garden Products

    Leck’s Greenhouses is dedicated to providing the highest quality gardening and landscaping products. Our Bucks County plant store offers a wide variety of colorful and vibrant flowers, herbs, vegetables, potted plants, planting mulch, brand soils, and diy gardening supplies to satisfy the needs of beginner and intermediate home gardeners, as well as experienced landscape professionals.

    Leck’s garden shop has all the supplies needed to create enchanting and beautiful front yard or backyard garden landscapes. Beginner gardeners can enjoy friendly help from our knowledgeable flower nursery staff for choosing the right flowers and mulch for your particular home garden project. The personnel at Leck’s Greenhouses will never tell you it’s an easy job to have a beautiful garden, but we are certain you will feel a real sense of accomplishment, peace, and joy in creating a garden masterpiece all on your own.

    Leck’s Greenhouses extensive plant shop inventory of landscaping and gardening products include :
    • Long-lasting Perennials
    • Radiant Annuals
    • Easy-to-care-for Hanging Plants
    • Brand name Soils
    • Rich Mulch
    • Delicious Vegetables
    • And so much more!

    Check out our hefty supply of citronella plants and other speciality plant items. You won’t find the citronella anywhere else, but at Leck’s Greenhouse.

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    Wholesale Plant Shop

    Are you a working on a big gardening or landscaping project? Leck’s Greenhouses not only has a retail home garden center, but we also are home to a large and growing wholesale facility in Chalfont, PA. For those interested in buying in bulk, our wholesale prices are affordable and completely tailored to what the customer is looking for. Every season Leck’s Greenhouse comes out with a new price book for a convenient shopping experience. As the seasons change so does plant life, and Leck’s has the widest selection of trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, and so much more.

    Leck’s Greenhouse Promise

    Your gardening success is very important to us. That’s why we insist on delivering only the finest gardening supplies and superior customer service to our customers. Leck’s Greenhouse is a local greenhouse and home garden center that loves working with our community. Most of our customers came to us as young adults, and continue to shop at our plant nursery today, as grandparents! The Leck family takes pride in its family owned and operated small business that has grown with over three generations.


    We offer a wide variety of gardening essentials and products including annuals, perennials, vegetables, herbs, shrubbery, soil, mulch, and fertilizers. We welcome you to visit Leck’s Greenhouses soon and learn, like others, that there is nothing like getting your hands in the soil and creating something truly beautiful.